I would like to extend an invitation to all our owners and guests while at the resort to stop in the property management office and say hi. The staff welcomes your comments and suggestions. We are looking forward to a great year. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay more pleasurable.

Rob Schreyer
Resort Manager

Manager, Support Staff & Contact Information

General Manager–Rob Schreyer, e-mail: rschreyer@spmresorts.com

Assistant General Manager–Dorothy Antonucci, e-mail: dantonucci@spmresorts.com

Front Office Manager–Jessica Todd, e-mail: jtodd@spmresorts.com

Housekeeping Dept. Head–Mary Alice Armstrong, e-mail: marmstrong@spmresorts.com

Recreation Dept. Head–Trisha Jones, e-mail: tjones@spmresorts.com

Maintenance Dept. Head–Paul Rowlen, e-mail: prowlen@spmresorts.com

Security Dept. Head–Matt Stalford, e-mail: mstalford@spmresorts.com